We invest in diverse solutions, markets and industries

We invest primarily in companies that will be able to complement and enhance our existing offerings and domain expertise in multiple industries in order to create a comprehensive technology ecosystem that enables end-to-end digitalisation and integration with value chain partners.

The sectors we invest in

Willful Group has successfully invested in diverse tech markets and developed disruptive digital solutions related to our main fields of expertise: communication, finance, insurance, risk management and more.

Who we invest with

In order to overcome the pain points inherent to the investment sector, Willful advocates for global partnership and collaboration. We constantly seek innovation opportunities by researching market needs, exchanging knowledge and best practices with our partners and discovering how we can make an impact and create value. Willful implements this strategy by building valuable partnerships with numerous institutions from the finance, government, science, technology, healthcare and other sectors.

How we invest

With the focus on sustainability and social impact, we invest in the emerging markets and support early-stage, high-growth companies that are expected to generate a financial return on capital and address technological challenges of specific industries or our large-scale clients like governments and high-impact humanitarian organisations.