We invest in diverse solutions, markets and industries

We invest primarily in companies that will be able to complement and enhance our existing offerings and domain expertise in multiple industries in order to create a comprehensive technology ecosystem that enables end-to-end digitalisation and integration with value chain partners.

Operational Focus

Willful Group is actively present in several industries including finance, insurance, enterprise communication and digitalisation, risk management, brand analytics, digital marketing and entertainment.

Digital Transformation

Willful supports integration of digital technology into all areas of our clients’ operations and businesses which results in fundamental changes to how they are able to deliver value to their customers, members and users.

Commitment to Science

Willful has developed a network of partnerships in the academic and industrial domains, including leading governments and scientific institutions in Europe and Africa to promote and accelerate innovation.

Technology for Humanity

Our companies alongside a financial return, generate a measurable and beneficial social impact by helping humanitarian organisations, such as the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, to mobilise resources and digitise their core services.