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Company Overview

Empowering individuals and businesses through sustainable innovation

Willful is combining technological excellence with a superior understanding of the market to enable companies around the globe to transform the way they operate and provide services.

Our Mission

Willful offers a comprehensive technology ecosystem that allows organisations, enterprises and governments to communicate, create value, analyse data effectively and efficiently.

Our Values

Willful aims to develop the future technology ecosystem that enables end-to-end digitalisation and integration with value chain partners.

Our Partnerships

We partner with the world's leading scientific, financial, industrial and humanitarian organisations

Our Numbers


Willful was founded
in London


Digital solutions with
innovative DNA

Our Businesses

Willful Group is innovating and digitising developed and emerging markets

Digitalisation & Integration

End-to-End Digital Ecosystem


Our Management &
Advisory Team

Culture & Values

We believe in people
and breakthrough


We believe that innovation is the main driver for economic growth and technological development.


We are dedicated to the success of our clients, partners and shareholders.


We expect our people to uphold the highest standards of honesty and to deliver on their commitments.


Our passion for what we do makes us take on new challenges, set impossible goals and pioneer new markets.


Addressing the most pressing social challenges

Alongside a financial return, Willful Group generates a measurable, beneficial humanitarian and social impact. We bring innovation from our R&D centres across the globe to emerging markets and local communities.

Life-Changing Solutions

We support technological sustainability while creating life-changing digital platforms for our partners — governments and high impact humanitarian organisations. We focus on efficient technology that helps preserve the environment and sustainable development, manage resources, improve communications and streamline payment systems.

Integrity & Compliance

Willful stands for integrity in every aspect of its business to sustain the credibility of our brands and maintain our strong reputation. Our business activities are conducted in accordance with applicable laws and internal regulations while being legitimate and ethically responsible. Willful is committed to maintaining a world-class compliance culture everywhere we operate and a reputation for integrity as one of our competitive advantages.


  • Corporate Information

    What is Willful’s mission?

    Our mission is to provide organisations, enterprises and governments with a comprehensive technology ecosystem that allows them to communicate, create value, analyse data effectively and efficiently.

  • When was Willful founded?

    Willful was founded in 2012.

  • Where is Willful headquartered?

    The principal executive offices of our main operations are located in London, UK and Geneva, Switzerland.

  • Business Operations

    What is Willful's core business?

    Willful Group offers cutting-edge platform and solutions that span from risk management and digital finance to analytics and marketing.

  • Who are Willful's customers?

    Our clients are various nonprofit and commercial entities such as large-scale humanitarian organisations, professional associations, government structures, financial institutions, enterprises, eCommerce vendors, service providers and more.

  • How does Willful grow its business?

    We aim to strengthen our technology ecosystem and achieve long-term growth by expanding product and service offerings to our clients and end-users.

  • What is Willful’s long-term strategic goal?

    Our long-term strategic goal is to develop the future technology ecosystem that enables end-to-end digitalisation and integration with value chain partners.